“The small shop on East William Street, with bikes locked out front and tires hanging from the ceiling, is a real neighborhood gem. Trends have come and gone over the years, but Bicycle Express owners Karen and Chuck Clifford have managed to ride them all”

-Sal Pizarro, Mercury News
  •   Recently I got a flat tire, so stopped by to get a new tube. Bought a backup one too since the price was really reasonable. However the tube went loose and released air without any usage of bike after a day. Returned to the shop and was given a free tube. The manager is a very gentle and polite man. Reasonable conversation and willing to go far and beyond to make their customer happy. I highly recommend this place to everyone. Thank you for your honest and great service.

    thumb Kevin G.

      The ONLY bicycle shop I go to. The one time I go elsewhere for a simple tire change and the alignment is messed with. The other shop forgot to add a part on my bike tire, which became very wobbly. Took it to Bicycle Express, thanked them for the help and apologized for going somewhere else. Haha! Great service every time, wether there's a line out of the door or if I catch them getting ready to open up in the morning. Do yourself a favor and just come here first. I will never make that mistake again. Haha!

    thumb Jairo R.

      I have been here two times, both times walk-in, and both times replacing tires and inner tubes (rear, and then front). ┬áBoth times I didn't have to wait for them to begin working on my bike; I just stayed and watched. Service was quick, the people friendly, and prices seemed reasonable enough.

    thumb T L.
  •   They have a great team or workers. I needed my disc brakes fixed because they were rubbing and new tires. Walked out spending so much less than expected.

    They also got me out in less that 20 minutes. I love this place

    thumb Jon T.

      I just moved to San Jose and wanted to get a bike to commute to work. My roommates girlfriend recommended bicycle express and somewhere I could get a cheaper used bike. I ended up buying a brand new Raleigh on sale and am very happy with it. The whole staff made the experience low pressure and easy. When I wanted to return the bike the next day because it was too small they worked something out for me and I got a size up. This is one of those family owned shops where service feels personal and friendly with no bs. Harder and harder to find them.

    thumb Adam H.

      I brought my bike in after my rear wheel was stolen. The wheel/gear combination turned out to be unusual, so they offered to rewire it with another wheel/gear combo and saved me a ton of money. I really appreciate the ingenuity.

    thumb Kurt F.