“The small shop on East William Street, with bikes locked out front and tires hanging from the ceiling, is a real neighborhood gem. Trends have come and gone over the years, but Bicycle Express owners Karen and Chuck Clifford have managed to ride them all”

-Sal Pizarro, Mercury News
  •   I brought my bike in after my rear wheel was stolen. The wheel/gear combination turned out to be unusual, so they offered to rewire it with another wheel/gear combo and saved me a ton of money. I really appreciate the ingenuity.

    thumb Kurt F.

      I love this place! Parking is tricky, but it was worth it! They put a new tube in my wheel for $13 and change and I was finished in 15 minutes. Yay!

    thumb Ted B.

      Great tune-up on my 25+ year-old bike, at a great price. My derailleur was having issues for the last year (I've been doing a LOT more bike riding), and at first, I tried making adjustments myself. 🙁 Bad idea, don't have the rack to properly mount bike to do work. ) Anywho, got the thing so fouled up I decided to just go for a complete tune-up. The derailleur issue was actually caused by a mismatch of components installed during another tune-up by another shop over 10 or 12 years ago. Long story short, Chuck installed new drive cage (front derailleur, rear gears, new chain) and did the other bits of the tune-up for a GREAT price. I could not have bought the necessary tools, repair stand, and parts -- nor could I have done such a masterful job -- at even 3x the cost. The bike is simply wonderful to ride now!

    thumb Kelli W.
  •   My first time in a bike shop, and I have a great customer service very professional and friendly staff
    Razonable prices and fast service!!!

    thumb Moises R.

      Went here a few time already and I like it a lot. The price is much better than other bike repair shops. I came here to buy parts for my BMX which I had to build for my daughter. I had to buy ball bearings, freewheel cogs, and other small items. The staff was polite and nice. This is my place to go. The shop is not that big but they have most of the items that you will need. Their new bike selection is not that great. Overall I would recommend this shop to those who want to DIY or rebuild your bike.

    thumb John T.

      Chuck was great as well as the folks I HAVE NOT MET "YET". I shipped my daughter a bike to the shop, they had I'd put back together and tuned up 1 day she is super pumped and ready to ride


    thumb Mike H.